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What is a Flow Retarder?:

Inline flow retarders are used to slow the flow of grain in any grain system. Many flow retarders that exist in the market today include baffles that consist of thick plates. The purpose of these baffles is to establish a cushion for the grain which, in theory, should minimize the risk of grain damage. What the market has learned over the years is that this is not the case, but rather flow retarders in the market today can actually create more damage to the grain.

Benefits of an LCDM Flow Retarder:

LCDM manufactures both angled and vertical retarders which are used on long spout runs. Our flow retarder has two main features: a “W” style baffle to collect grain and an adjustable baffle for self-cleaning. The adjustability of the baffle allows you to customize the flow retarder to your needs. For example, if you’re looking to achieve maximum clean-out, you can open the baffles all the way. Conversely, if attaining optimum grain cushioning is your objective, you can easily close the baffles.

LCDM offers two types of flow retarders:

Inline Flow Retarders (for vertical spout runs) and Welded Sleeve (for longer angled spout runs). LCDM Flow Retarders are unique from others in the industry because they actually cushion the grain. Existing flow retarders in the market have thick baffles that do not create a cushion for the grain which can lead to grain damage. Our grain flow retarders will give you the flexibility to allow for self-cleaning in full-flow applications, as well as for complete flow restriction in low-flow applications where maximizing grain quality is paramount.

Pairing an LCDM Flow Retarder With the DBAR Cushion Box:

LCDM manufactures both angled and vertical retarders which are used on long spout runs. Our flow retarder has two main features: a “W” style baffle to collect grain and an adjustable baffle for self-cleaning. The adjustability of the baffle allows you to customize the flow retarder to your needs. For example, if you’re looking to achieve maximum clean-out, you can open the baffles all the way. Conversely, if attaining optimum grain cushioning is your objective, you can easily close the baffles.

We Can Provide Complete Flow Retarder Support:

With four decades of grain and material handling equipment expertise, LCDM is a company you can trust to provide a fully supported inline flow retarder solution that we can customize to your operation and applications. Our services include 3D grain system design that can bring your unique design concept to life. We can also assist you with engineering and jobsite layouts to maximize the performance of your flow retarder and setup.

LCDM is the only supplier you need for all your grain spouting accessories. We can help you find the ideal grain flow adjustable elbow, grain bin spouting, clamp bands or angle rings for your application. As you would expect from LCDM, all our products are high-quality and designed to help streamline your operations.

We feature a wide range of sizes and configurations for all our grain spouting accessories, allowing us to provide you with a custom grain handling solution for your business. We can further enhance your purchase with liner options for grain bin spouting and adjustable elbows, as well as with galvanized finishes and hardware for clamp bands. Our angle rings come in 1/8-inch and 3/16-inch thicknesses with slotted holes for easy installation.

Galvanized Grain Bin Spouting:

LCDM is the perfect source for quality galvanized grain bin spouting. We have a custom spouting solution to fit your business and to allow easy and efficient flow of your grain as you sort it. Our galvanized spouting will not rust and will help maintain the integrity of your grain as it moves through your system.

We offer welded-seam and removable-lid square spouting designs in various materials, gauges and sizes to meet your application’s unique needs. We also supply galvanized round sporting in multiple gauges and lengths ranging from 4 to 16 inches.

TuffTube® Lining System for Spouting:

Our TuffTube® lining system consists of a urethane spout liner that significantly extends the life of your grain equipment. This solution minimizes seed and fertilizer handling while reducing the effects of abrasion. It also eliminates high maintenance costs that come from the frequent replacement of your steel spouting.

You can rotate the liner 120 to 180 degrees to utilize other wear surfaces, saving additional replacement expenses. TuffTube® comes standard in 20-foot lengths with custom size options available. We also offer several other liner alternatives, including AR400 steel, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene, ceramic tile, high-energy orange and red Kryptane.

Spout Loadout Socks:

We design our loadout socks to control the dust on your loadout spouts. These socks consist of heavy-duty polyester material with a sewn seam, and each set comes with a flange and band to hold the sock in place. The sock attaches to the spout and uses gravity to transport the material into a vessel below it. LCDM spout socks come in 5-foot lengths.

Adjustable Elbows:

Because adjustable elbows are a crucial element of your grain sorting process, you need to be sure you have access to a solution that works for your application. We offer high-quality, durable elbows that can easily fit your spouting. These elbows come in various sizes and can connect your grain spouting to other system components, including grain bins, conveyors or augers.

Our adjustable elbows come in various sizes and allow you to make connections throughout your spouting system quickly and easily.

Clamp Bands and Angle Rings:

No grain operation can function without reliable clamp bands and angle rings. These parts work together to connect your spouting system’s most critical components. You’ll find all the clamp bands and angle rings you need at LCDM. Our solutions are made of quality steel and designed to fit your applications and last a long time.

For more information, call 888-963-9145.

If you’re in the grain handling industry and looking for an affordable cushion box, consider one of our round style cushion boxes. Our DBAC round style cushion box is an ideal box for full flow grain applications. The round style cushion box is the most common style of grain flow cushion box due to its effectiveness and how easy it is to install. We can provide you with round style cushion boxes with a variety of liners, including urethane, UMHW and ceramic tile. At LCDM, we can also offer you a range of sizes of round style cushion boxes from 6” to 16” with custom sizes available upon request.

What If I Have a Variable Capacity Application?:

While the round style cushion box is great for full flow grain applications, you may have situations where you have variable capacity applications. In these cases, we recommend you consider the LCDM DBAR adjustable cushion box. The DBAR, or Dead Box Adjustable Round box, has an internal cone with an adjustable baffle. This allows the box to collect and cushion grain even in situations where the spouts are not running at full capacity. The result is a consistent pocket of protected grain and the potential for a higher-quality product.

Contact LCDM for All Your Grain Box Needs:

LCDM exists to answer the need for better and more efficient grain flow products marked by superior design and engineering. We design all our products to make sure your operations can work as efficiently as possible. We have put our extensive material handling knowledge and skills to work for many successful grain distribution companies and would like to do the same for your company.

To find LCDM products near you, call us at 888-963-9145.

Grain Spreaders for Higher Grain Quality:

To help you build a reliable grain flow system, LCDM sells only the best grain spreaders for higher grain quality. These devices evenly distribute grain into your grain bin for consistent flow and air drying. We specialize in selling gravity grain spreaders — an option suitable for farms of many kinds.

At LCDM, we partner with our customers to help them achieve the highest quality grain possible. Our gravity spreaders improve your grain handling process to promote better results. We provide custom solutions involving product design, system configuration and engineering to meet your needs. Learn more about our gravity spreaders and how you can use them to enhance your grain handling system.

What Is a Gravity Grain Spreader?:

A gravity grain spreader uses gravity to distribute grain in a grain bin. It features a unique shape that causes the grain to rotate as it deposits into your bin. This rotation divides the grain, separating fines and light material from the rest of the flowing mass. With a gravity grain spreader, you can make your grain handling more consistent for improved results.

Discover the benefits of using a gravity spreader:

Consistent Grain Flow:

Grain spreaders allow for an even flow of grain into your grain bin. Without a spreader, grain tends to form a “core” in the center consisting of fines. When this happens, it makes grains of similar sizes more likely to pack together. Lighter grains and foreign material slide to the edge of the bin. A gravity grain bin spreader creates an even consistency throughout the grain bin. As a result, grain can flow more freely during unloading.

Freer Airflow:

When grain has an uneven consistency, it can make airflow inconsistent. Areas with tightly packed grain receive less of the air needed for the drying process. Meanwhile, looser areas might get too much air. If your grain bin forms a core of fines, you have to draw it off, creating potential cavities. With a spreader, your grain has a lower risk of air blockage, exposing it to the right airflow.

Uniform Drying:

Proper drying lets your grain last longer and hold up to tougher conditions. Since a grain spreader helps you achieve better airflow, it allows for faster drying times and consistent results. If you use heat in your drying process, an even grain flow helps you heat the grain evenly. By speeding up drying times and providing consistent results, a spreader reduces the amount of electricity your dryer needs to use.

Higher Grain Quality:

With even grain flow, airflow and grain drying, your product quality will improve. You will get more uniform results from your grain handling system for a product that offers better quality, taste and nutrition. Our team can help you build the right grain drying system, including components like the spreader. We will partner with you to find solutions that fit your workflow.

Gravity vs. Electric Grain Bin Spreaders:

Some systems use electric grain bin spreaders as part of their handling systems. These motorized spreaders use moving blades to evenly deposit grain into a bin. Gravity and electric spreaders each have their advantages in grain handling systems.

At LCDM, we offer gravity spreaders because of their ease of use, versatility and simplicity. A gravity grain spreader has these advantages over an electric model:

Lower Maintenance:

Since this type of spreader uses gravity to work, it does not need a motor or other electrical parts. As a result, gravity spreaders require less maintenance than motorized models. With fewer moving parts, a gravity spreader makes it easier for you to identify where it may need repairs during an issue.

Fully Customizable:

A gravity spreader’s design focuses on its structure, making it customizable for a variety of systems. With no motor, it provides more flexibility in tight or unconventionally shaped spaces. We can adjust gravity spreader parts to work with the grain handling system you have in mind.


Gravity spreaders reduce electricity costs by working without an electrical connection. They operate by themselves, letting the owner focus on the electricity used for dryers and other machines.

Custom Grain Spreaders for Sale From LCDM:

LCDM grain spreaders feature full customization and patented technology to give you the best grain flow possible. We are dedicated to creating cohesive grain handling systems for millwrights with any need. That’s why we provide total customization services for our gravity spreaders. Our design and engineering teams understand how to develop a system that suits your unique situation.

Our Design and Engineering Capabilities:

Let us develop the right grain spreader for your system or build a system from scratch. Our capabilities include:

  • In-house 3D design support: We have team members who design grain flow products with SolidWorks, the industry’s best software for component development.
  • Job site layouts: Our engineers understand how to optimize a job site layout to give you the most efficient workflow possible.
  • Technical support: Ask our team for help installing, repairing or modifying any part of your grain handling system.
  • Complete system design: Let our experts build a grain or material handling system from the ground up with high-quality products and design.

Custom Grain Spreader Features:

We can design your custom spreader with a wide range of features for better grain flow and quality. Ask us how we can customize these aspects and more:

  • Size and volume adjustments: Specify the right dimensions and capacity for your grain bin and flow rate.
  • Grain guides: Add grain guides that adjust to distribute your grain to your bin’s outer areas.
  • Mount: Choose a mount size that fits the opening you have in your system.
  • Extension chutes: Handle wet and hot grain with ease by requesting an extension chute for your spreader.
  • Centering hopper: Include a centering hopper to increase your spreader’s accuracy and consistency.

Contact Us About Our Gravity Spreaders:

If you want to add a gravity spreader to your grain flow system, you can count on LCDM. Call us at 888-963-9145 or contact our team online and we can help you find the right solution.

Storing excessively moist, clumped or frozen grain can prevent proper product flow when blockages cover the auger in a grain bin. A plugged auger is a nuisance and results in delays and additional costs when you must stop work to unplug it. Fixing the problem by going inside the bin presents a real danger in grain operations, as it can result in entrapment, injury or death.

The Grain Bin Sump Saver is a machinery solution that breaks up frozen or clumped grain for increased efficiency and safer grain flow. It preserves your economic resources by clearing blockages quickly without safety risks. The Sump Saver unit works inside the grain bin to slice and eliminate clumps rapidly while you remain safe outside the container.

Benefits of a Sump Saver for Safe Grain Handling:

When there is an issue in your grain bin, it’s more than an annoyance — it’s a risk to human safety. If the grain is in columns along the walls, they can collapse and create a grain avalanche, trapping anyone inside. Walking on the surface is also dangerous because of the possibility of bridging — when the top layer of grain has created a thin crust. This bridge will give away under even minimal weight, causing the person to fall inside.

Whether the grain moving equipment is on or off, these situations may result in serious injuries or death.

The Sump Saver helps you safely unplug the grain bin sump without leaving your tractor or stepping inside the bin. The Sump Saver Mighty Mini model includes various benefits and safety features like:

  • A powerful motor: The hydraulic motor eliminates clumps with up to 6,000 pounds of torque.
  • Sharp, durable fingers: Half-inch clearing fingers are engineered to slice through blockages without bending.
  • Multi-directional rotation: Rotating clearing fingers operate forward and reverse from outside the bin.
  • Sturdy support: The heavy-duty steel frame supports the central axis of the clearing fingers as they work.
  • Robust hydraulics: The hydraulic unit handles clumps as they approach the grain bin sump.
  • Maximum safety: Exterior hydraulic hoses restore grain flow safely without the operator entering the bin.
  • Improved efficiency: The functionality allows operators to work through an obstruction without exiting their tractors, increasing efficiency.

Mighty Mini Sump Saver Installation:

Install the Sump Saver Mighty Mini unit in the most effective position next to an above-floor auger mouth or over the bin auger intake on the floor. Attached to the machine are hydraulic hoses lying on the bin floor and connecting to a fitting on the bin side. When there is a free-flow issue with the grain, operators can quickly join the exterior hoses to the tractor’s hydraulics. You can stop operating the Sump Saver once you see grain flowing freely without damaged areas.

Installation is fast and easy, requiring no complex tools.

The Sump Saver is a beneficial choice because it saves time and money and keeps your operations safer since you do not need to go inside the bin. Enforce essential grain handling safety standards and break up blockages in a matter of seconds so you can get back to work safer and sooner.

Sump Saver Portable Power Packs:

The Sump Saver offers two power pack options for your convenience, including a gas-driven pump or a three-phase electric pump. These packs provide an affordable solution to multi-location operations without tractors or skid steers to power the units at each site. Sump Saver power packs offer easy transport and are chargeable with food-grade oil.

Improving Auger Safety:

New technology like the Sump Saver continues to improve safety throughout the agricultural industry. As farms around the country become more technologically advanced, the demand for increased output and more efficient operation continues to grow. Industry innovations and leading product distributors like LCDM help operations increase yields while creating a safer operating environment for workers and equipment.

Augers pose one of the most significant hazards in any grain-related operation. With the ability to operate from the safety and comfort of a tractor seat, the Sump Saver works in forward or reverse directions to break up the clog without employees stepping foot in the grain bin. Besides increasing safety, the sump saver improves your operation and cost efficiency by eliminating unnecessary hours of unplugging the auger and manually unclogging the container.

Ordering the Mighty Mini Sump Saver From LCDM:

For a safe and effective method of clearing grain clumps in your bin, buy the Sump Saver from LCDM. We have all of the grain handling products you need at cost-effective prices to keep your operations running smoothly.

If you have any questions about the Sump Saver, please let us know. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available to answer your questions. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Call us at 888-963-9145 or fill out our contact form to buy the Sump Saver Mighty Mini model today!

Round Deadstops for Grain Flow

What Are Deadstops for Grain Flow?:

Deadstops, also called spout ends, are an essential part of any grain flow operation. You will want to strategically install round deadstops to halt and control grain flow when necessary as part of your regular grain distribution process. As with all your grain flow equipment, you want to make sure your round deadstops are of the highest quality, which is why you will want to order all your deadstops from LCDM.

LCDM Is Your Expert Source for Lined Deadstops for Your Spouting:

LCDM Round Deadstops are the perfect addition to any grain system setup. As those who have used LCDM grain flow products in the past have come to expect, our deadstops are easy to install, simple to use and come in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of various aspects of your grain system. We offer both 45-degree and 60-degree deadstops in a range of sizes.

Our deadstops come with painted and galvanized finishes to prevent rust and a removable end cap. Protect the inside of your deadstop from bulk material abrasion and wear by choosing either urethane-lined deadstops or ceramic tile liner.

Our deadstops come in sizes ranging from 6” to 14”, with custom sizes available upon request.

Contact LCDM for Round Deadstops and All Your Grain Flow Product Needs Today:

If you desire your grain flow operation to provide the highest-quality for your customers as quickly as possible with a minimum of waste, you need to start with the most efficiently-designed and reliable products. LCDM’s entire mission is based on improved design and engineering of grain flow products to better serve your operation. For round deadstops or any other grain flow products, there is no smarter choice than LCDM.

See for yourself. To order round deadstops or for more information, call 888-963-9145.

LCDM provides any configuration of transitions to fit your installation needs. We stock the most common sizes: square to round, round to round, and square to square transitions as well as design and manufacture custom transitions. We also offer many liner options for various applications.

For more information, call 888-963-9145.

Branches can be used in a variety of situations. LCDM offers three styles of branches: “2-way”, “Offset”, and “3-way”. With both round or square bodies, we can manufacture any size or variation needed for your project!

For more information, call 888-963-9145.

Stainless Steel Components for Grain Handling:

For more information, call 888-963-9145.

If your spouting is wearing down earlier than expected because of the abrasive effects of grain or other bulk materials, consider investing in the Tuff Tube lining system for your spouting. Inserting spout liners can dramatically extend the life of your spouting. Tuff Tube is the name for a highly-effective brand of urethane spout liners that can save you considerably on replacement costs in the long run.

Benefits of a Urethane Spout Liner for Your Grain Operation:

Over time, the flow of grains through your spout can wear down the inside of your steel spouting. Over the course of a season or two, this wearing can be so prevalent that it severely reduces the effectiveness of that spouting, necessitating replacement of the tube. Constantly replacing large segments of spouting every season can get extremely expensive. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem entirely by inserting urethane spout liners.

Tuff Tube spouting liner is extremely versatile. You can rotate it regularly as much as 180 degrees to give yourself more wear surfaces and extend the life of the liner. You can fit it in just about any spout of standard diameter size, up to 20 feet in length. You can even line your spout elbows. It is extremely easy to install, remove and replace.

Tuff Tube is suitable for all manner of bulk material, not just feed, seed and grain but mining products, fertilizer, aggregate and even frac sand. The material will not get under the secure lining, and the tight seamless seal also means no peeling, buckling, plugging or other issues you might experience with an inferior liner.

Ordering Tuff Tube Lining From LCDM:

Naturally, the best place to order the best urethane spout liners is the company that is synonymous with superior quality when it comes to grain flow products, LCDM. Order your Tuff Tube from us, and we’ll get it to you fast at a price that is great for your budget, especially when you consider the tremendous savings that delaying spouting replacement provides.

Order your Tuff Tube spout liners from LCDM today. Our friendly and helpful experts will have no trouble finding the right liner for your spouting diameter and length. We even have square liners to protect your square spouting applications. To place your order, all you need to do is give us a call at 888-963-9145 or contact us online and fill out our simple form to find out the easiest way to buy Tuff Tube urethane spout liners for your business.

Don’t put unnecessary strain on your spouting for one more day. It’s easy to preserve and protect all your steel spouting with Tuff Tube. Reach out to us about Tuff Tube spout liners for your business now!

You need the proper technology to keep operations in order when you manage an industrial environment. If you’re looking for a way to create a happier, more efficient workplace, why not try a dust control system from LCDM? We offer Dust Suppression Hoppers, which are a Dust Supression System designed to keep harmful dust production to a minimum while offering the protection you need to do your best every day.

What Is a Dust Suppression System?

The dust reduction products are designed to surpass conventional loading equipment in terms of safety, productivity and longevity. A Dust Suppression Hopper acts as a grain loading spout that can be easily installed under a feed point. As the Dust Suppression Hopper is filled, it removes the air from the product and speeds up loading times.

These systems can drop dry goods into almost any receptacle, including trucks, bags, storage containers, railway cars and more. Thanks to an efficient transportation process, the dustless loading spouts can eliminate the majority of dust for some of the biggest loading applications.

Benefits of Dust Suppression:

Dust suppression systems from LCDM can make your life and the lives of your team members much easier. In the long run, these systems will help enhance your daily routines while making each loading process a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Some of the benefits offered by a Dust Suppression Hopper include:

  • Improved safety: We understand how important safety is to your organization. What makes dust such a major hazard is that too much of it in the workplace can increase the possibility of a fire or explosion. Meanwhile, dust also reduces overall visibility in the environment and increases the likelihood of other accidents. Why leave these risks up to chance when you have the power to protect operators with dust control and loading systems? Dust suppression equipment will put your mind at ease and make everyone feel safer.
  • Increased profit: Up-front cost is only a small factor to consider when you upgrade to new technology. What truly matters is what your organization stands to gain down the road. Thanks to the improved safety and efficiency offered by our dustless loading spouts, you’ll be able to reduce downtime and product losses as a result of inconsistencies or accidents. Less dust also equals less time and money required for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Environment: Did you know that dust produced by industrial operations is a major cause of air pollution and environmental hazards? In today’s world, it’s more crucial than ever to find new ways of protecting the environment. By producing less dust, you’ll preserve air quality and ensure you’re doing your part to take care of the planet and your community!

Dust Suppression Hopper Versus the Competition:

If you’re looking for a reliable dust control system, how do you decide between a dust suppression hopper system and a retractable bellow or telescopic bellow? Let’s see how Dust Suppression Hoppers measure up against the competition.

Telescopic bellows are older than DSH systems and have long been offering flexible, effective dust release capabilities. Using an enclosed system, these machines can quickly move material to the proper target containment while removing most of the dust. The greatest benefit of retractable bellows is their flexibility, which allows them to work with a variety of industries and specific applications. On the other hand, these dust control machines also have several drawbacks, including:

  • -Complex dust release procedures
  • -Inefficient operational controls
  • -Heavy maintenance and cleaning needs

All these factors can slow down processes and lead to profit losses. While telescopic bellows provide respectable dust control, a Dust Suppression Hopper is the superior choice for several reasons.

Unlike conventional loading equipment, Dust Suppression Hoppers are placed right under a feed point and directly above the destination. Because all the internal components are stationary and there are no extra wires or electrical parts to worry about, DSH systems are much easier to manage than retractable bellows. In addition, the equipment forces the air out of the product while most of the dust is removed and placed inside the material column.

By the end of each day, a Dust Suppression Hopper will leave you with all your products in their proper places and with much less dust cluttering up the area. This is what allows our grain loading spout equipment to stay ahead of the competition and provide safer, smarter dust control.

Why Choose LCDM for Dustless Loading:

We know you’re on a tight schedule, so we make it our mission to keep our service timely and reliable. When you work with LCDM, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a safe, high-quality product. If you’re interested in learning more about DSH or our other specialized services, contact us online today, and we’ll develop a plan to help you achieve your goals! Contact us for special pricing!

Many grain handling operations need a transportation system for their grain supply. The best solution is a bucket elevator, which uses vertical lifting mechanisms to pick up and transport a large amount of grain quickly. Inside this elevator is what holds the material and makes it all happen — elevator buckets.

Grain elevator buckets are available in many sizes, so you can transport nearly any grain item through a system of elevator buckets. At LCDM, we offer buckets that are made with the strongest materials that will last a long time while offering top-quality performance in your bucket elevator system.

Benefits of an Elevator Bucket for Your Grain Handling System:

We offer two brands of elevator buckets for grain and other uses — CC-S white buckets and Jumbo grey buckets. Both options are built from virgin HDPE, which offers the durability you need to enhance your operations.

CC-S White Bucket

The CC-S white bucket is a heavy-duty elevator bucket with many design features that make it the best in grain elevator buckets:

  • Iceberg® Edge design has a strong lip at the front to prevent bowing
  • Maximum material thickness reinforces the front lip, corners and walls
  • Smooth interior so material can dump easily
  • Wingless side walls and a tapered bottom allow for close placement and nesting capabilities

There are 35 options for sizes, which offer different capacities and standard punching holes. These elevator buckets for agriculture applications will easily transport many non-abrasive, free-flowing granular materials like fertilizer, grain, food products, seed and feed.

Ordering Elevator Buckets From LCDM:

Your bucket elevator requires the best elevator buckets, which are available at LCDM. These elevator buckets for agriculture and other uses offer the highest quality at a cost-effective price, so you can get the quantity you need for less.

If you want to learn more about our elevator buckets, we are here to help! Our knowledgeable professionals will answer your questions and help you find the best bucket option for your grain operation. We strive to offer quick, friendly and efficient service, and we want to make sure you receive the finest products.

Buy elevator buckets from LCDM, a leading supplier of grain handling products. Call 888-963-9145 or fill out our online contact form to place your order today.

Magnetic Repair Patch for Grain Handling Systems:

Demanding jobs require rugged equipment, but let’s face it – sometimes things break. At LCDM, we know the grain distribution business, so we know the value of tools that’ll fix your equipment fast and with minimal expense. Magnetic repair patches make grain handling repair easy, and they work great for patching any curved metal surface.

These magnetic patches are flexible, durable and waterproof, and they work immediately after application. When you need to patch a grain spout quickly, use a magnetic patch to get right back to work.

Magnetic Patches for Grain Spouting and More:

These magnetic patches are the perfect tool to fix any metal pipe, and they work on troughs, chutes and pipes too. These patches will adhere to any clean, smooth surface and fit any pipe with a diameter between 4 and 20 inches. You can find them in 6-by-6-inch and 12-by-12-inch sizes. These patches come with a standard galvanized outer liner with optional urethane or nitrile inner liners available.

They’re made to handle grain, aggregate, glass, slurry and dust collection, making them useful for various agricultural repairs. Common uses include fixing holes in grain-handling equipment, such as downspouts and u-throughs.

Benefits of Magnetic Repair Patches:

When you’re working in the grain distribution industry, you need to keep your equipment running to maintain productivity. That’s why it’s important to keep repair hardware on hand to quickly fix issues and get back to work. These patches are built to be tough, reliable and easy to apply. Magnetic patches yield significant benefits for businesses in any challenging industry dealing with metal piping and other materials. These magnetic patches are:

  • Easy to apply, even for one person.
  • Reusable without losing their effectiveness.
  • Durable through the toughest weather conditions and constant use.
  • Affordable on any budget.

Applying Magnetic Patches:

The magnetic patches are the quickest fix for any damaged pipe or spout. Application is simple — just place the magnetic patch over the desired surface and bend it to fit the shape. You won’t need any extra tools or adhesives to fix your piping, and applying a magnetic patch is a one-person job.

The patches work in any weather and will never fall or vibrate off. The 6-inch and 12-inch units both work for any pipe up to 20 inches in diameter.

Order Magnetic Repair Patches From LCDM:

Repairing holes in curved metallic surfaces doesn’t need to cost you unnecessary time and money. Use a magnetic repair patch for a quick and easy fix that lasts. If you have a hole in your metal spouting — or if you want to be prepared to fix one — order online below, contact LCDM or call us at 888-963-9145 to invest in magnetic grain spout patches and get what you need to keep your operations moving.

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