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Grain Distributors

To any grain grower, protection of their grain products is essential to ensure the optimal quality of their grain and protect profits. Growers need the highest quality grain storage components and grain handling equipment, including grain distributors.

Types of bucket elevator distributors include flat back distributors and full round grain distributors. Depending on your organization’s particular needs, LCDM has the right grain distribution products for you. At LCDM, we manufacture components of the highest quality for larger grain handling businesses like feed mills and malting facilities. Our equipment components are lined with either urethane or ceramic and finished with galvanized steel. A quality distributor efficiently moves the grain where it needs to go, ensuring the utmost accuracy, protection and quality of the grain product.



Flat Back Distributors

Of all types of grain distributors, flat back distributors are the most common. Flat back distributors come in a variety of sizes with choices on the number of outlets for the grain to flow through. Often, flat back distributors have inspection doors, making maintenance and inspection easy.

Full Round Distributors

More commonly found in feed mills, full round distributors include a 360-degree spread. For a feed mill or other grain operation with a group of bins close together, a full round distributor is the perfect choice. This type of distributor also comes in a variety of sizes and number of grain outlets.

Electric or Manual Distributor Controls

To operate your grain distributor efficiently, you can choose from manual or electric controls. Manual distributor controls are the most popular and economical choice. Electric controls are also available for larger farm operations.

If you choose a manual control for your grain distributor, you have the choice of pipe or cable control. If there are no obstacles between the distributor and the controls, a pipe control is usually the best option. Operators using the pipe control option will operate the distributor using a lever and hand wheel.

Cable controls are a better option for any situations where there are obstructions between the distributor and the controls, and they can provide a connection that goes around pipes or other obstacles. With cable controls, the operator usually uses a foot pedal to control the distributor spouts and openings.

Custom Grain Distributor Fabrication

Every feed mill, farm and grain facility is different and has differing needs. This breakdown includes a facility’s grain distributor needs. LCDM can meet your needs with custom-designed grain distributors and a wide range of grain flow products. Our trained, skillful staff can meet with you and answer all your questions. We’ll create the perfect solution for you — fully customized to your specifications — and a perfect fit for your unique facility.

We’ll use state-of-the-art design software to provide you with 3D custom design images for your planning process. Our experienced team can even customize standard products to work better in your grain flow system. We’re prepared to handle any situation and design the right solution.

Our grain distributors come in various finishes, including galvanized steel, and have a variety of durable lining materials like urethane and ceramic. They can have a variety of inlet sizes and vary in the number of outlets, so you can find the distributor that’s right for your facility. Our custom-designed grain flow products will ensure that you have the perfect fit and can increase efficiency and product quality.

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Custom grain distributors

If you’re ready to optimize your grain flow system with new distributors and other grain flow products, contact LCDM today. Our trained staff will answer any questions you may have and get you on the path to custom grain distributors that are perfect for your operation. Our premium-quality materials and custom design will ensure that you get the perfect system.

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