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LCDM is the perfect place to order your Patchworx products. We offer small, medium and large patches to suit your repair needs. We deliver fast, and all of our Patchworx products are highly affordable. You can order as many as you need to be ready in the case of a sudden repair emergency. Patchwork size options include: Small patch: 3 inches by 6 inches Medium patch: 6 inches by 9 inches Large patch: 9 inches by 12 inches

Small patch: 3 inches by 6 inches
Medium patch: 6 inches by 9 inches
Large patch: 9 inches by 12 inches


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A grain distribution or other material handling business is part of a rugged industry with demanding industrial conditions. While sheet metal is one of the most durable materials for grain bins, it still endures significant daily wear and tear. This being the case, you don’t want to pay for extensive repair or replacement any time a bin, tool or part of your building is damaged.

Rust is one of the primary causes of damage to sheet metal. Sheet metal can also develop holes due to accidents, weak spots or poor maintenance. Regardless of the type of damage, there are several options for patching or repairing these holes effectively.

Patchworx is an instant metal repair patch that is durable, flexible and waterproof. Once applied and exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, it starts to harden like steel within about five minutes of activation. Save money and time by using Patchworx.

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Small Patch (3” x 6”)
$16.99/ea. BUY
Medium Patch (6” x 9”)
$39.99/ea. BUY
Large Patch (9” x 12”)
$49.99/ea. BUY


Many years of use will eventually cause damage to sheet metal. While poor maintenance can speed up the need for repairs, everyday factors like rust and corrosion can produce holes that disrupt the flow of your materials. Fortunately, several feed and silo bin repair options can provide fixes:

While welding is a highly effective repair solution, it is also one of the most expensive. Because many business owners lack the skills or raw materials to perform the job independently, they often need to hire a professional with the tools to get the job done right. Properly welded holes require applying a new layer of sheet metal to the existing layer for reinforcement.

Epoxy and tape offer easy solutions, though they both have limitations. Epoxy can provide an effective seal, but it typically only works well on smaller holes or cracks. Different types of tape can also provide a quick fix, but you should only consider them temporary solutions because they will lose their adhesive properties over time.

UV grain bin repair patches like Patchworx are optimal solutions for small- to medium-sized repairs. They’re typically more effective and longer-lasting than epoxy or tape. These patches adhere securely to metal using UV light to harden the bond within a few minutes of exposure. They’re also flexible and can bond to nearly any type of surface.

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Another effective tool against damage is a regular preventive maintenance program. Besides routine cleaning, visual inspections are highly beneficial, especially after extreme weather. You should regularly inspect your feed bin for rust and remove it immediately to prevent spreading and additional damage.

When detected early enough, you can remove rust spots with a wire brush and use Patchworx as a durable seal.


Patchworx UV repair patches offer a flexible solution that works with nearly any surface. The adhesive forms permanent bonds with the metal’s surface, delivering a long-lasting repair without welding. These patches are also waterproof to prevent rust or additional leaks.

In addition, Patchworx repair patches won’t wear out with continued exposure to UV light. Administering a UV repair patch is fast and easy, taking under an hour to apply, sand and paint from beginning to end.

There is no shortage of advantages to using Patchworx for grain bin and metal patch and repair. The application is simple, with no need to mix or weigh anything. Just cut the material to fit your application, peel off the back and stick it on.

Patchworx responds well to sanding, drilling and painting. It is oil and solvent resistant and cures fast without any expansion or shrinkage once it is cured. This fiberglass-reinforced Polyester patch is highly adhesive to over 2000 PSI with the correct application.

Use the Patchworx UV-activated repair patch for easy repairs on the following:
  • Grain Bins
  • Elevator Trunking
  • Metal Buildings
  • Trucks
  • Tools
  • Much, much more!


Providing Patchworx for our clients is just one example of the many excellent services that LCDM provides. We offer a range of great products for your grain distribution or material handling business. These solutions help your operation run more smoothly by utilizing a superior product while saving your operation money.

After ordering your supply of Patchworx, please browse the comprehensive range of other quality material handling products we offer. To learn more about how our products can improve your business or order LCDM silo bin repair products, call us at 888-963-9145 or contact us online today.

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