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Magnetic Repair Patch

Demanding jobs require rugged equipment, but let’s face it – sometimes things break. At LCDM, we know the grain distribution business, so we know the value of tools that’ll fix your equipment fast and with minimal expense. Magnetic repair patches make grain handling repair easy, and they work great for patching any curved metal surface.

These magnetic patches are flexible, durable and waterproof, and they work immediately after application. When you need to patch a grain spout quickly, use a magnetic patch to get right back to work. Purchase our 6″ or 12″ patches today!

Order Magnetic Repair Patches From LCDM

Repairing holes in curved metallic surfaces doesn’t need to cost you unnecessary time and money. Use a magnetic repair patch for a quick and easy fix that lasts. If you have a hole in your metal spouting — or if you want to be prepared to fix one — order online below, contact LCDM or call us at 888.963.4021 to invest in magnetic grain spout patches and get what you need to keep your operations moving.

Benefits of Magnetic Repair Patches

When you’re working in the grain distribution industry, you need to keep your equipment running to maintain productivity. That’s why it’s important to keep repair hardware on hand to quickly fix issues and get back to work. These patches are built to be tough, reliable and easy to apply. Magnetic patches yield significant benefits for businesses in any challenging industry dealing with metal piping and other materials. These magnetic patches are:

  • Easy to apply, even for one person.
  • Reusable without losing their effectiveness.
  • Durable through the toughest weather conditions and constant use.
  • Affordable on any budget.
  • Applying Magnetic Patches


The magnetic patches are the quickest fix for any damaged pipe or spout. Application is simple — just place the magnetic patch over the desired surface and bend it to fit the shape. You won’t need any extra tools or adhesives to fix your piping, and applying a magnetic patch is a one-person job.

The patches work in any weather and will never fall or vibrate off. The 6-inch and 12-inch units both work for any pipe up to 20 inches in diameter.

Contact Us below for bulk orders:

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