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LCDM Full Flow Valves

A grain full flow valve is a component of your bulk material
handling system that controls the flow of grain at the point of
discharge. It works with a rotating “pan” that advances until
the valve is closed, stemming the flow of grain, or retracts to
open the passage and allow the free flow of grain.

LCDM Valves are unique in that they are “full flow”. What
does this mean? Many of the valve designs in the industry
today restrict the flow of grain. For example, an 8″ valve will
not effectively handle the capacity of the 8″ spout feeding it.
However, LCDM Full Flow Valve’s were designed to handle
this capacity without having any restriction of flow. This
means that you can fully accommodate the flow from the
spout and maximize the flow of grain when the valve is open.



  • Stock sizes: 6”-16”
  • Custom sizes and configurations
    available upon request
  • Painted and galvanized finishes
  • Heavy duty, 8-gauge body with a hot dipped galvanized finish
  • Oversized service door
  • Liner options:
    • AR400 steel
    • Urethane
    • Ceramic tile
  • Inspection ports available
  • Brush seal kit for fine material/finished feed available
  • Electric and pneumatic options available


We recognize that different grain operations may have different needs when it comes to grain flow valves. That’s why we have both a range of stock sizes, from 6” to 16”, and many custom options for your valve. Let us know what size and configuration you need, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Manual Operation Rack and Pinion Slide Gate
Manual Operation Full Flow Pan Style Valves

Manual operated valves are the most common option. Stock sizes range from 6” to 16” with both 10 gauge and 8 gauge galvanized metal body options. The inlets and outlets of these valves are square, but can be made round by adding square to round transitions. LCDM stocks 45° valves but 60° valves are available upon request.

Gear Drive Operation Rack and Pinion Slide Gate
Gear Drive Operation Full Flow Pan Style Valves:

Gear Drive operated valves are most utilized in situations where cable controls are difficult or impossible to install. Another common application is where the physical space constraints do not allow for a linear actuated valve. The standard electric option includes (1) motor, (1) gear reducer and (2) limit switches. Explosion proof motors are available upon request as well as high voltage motors.

Electrically Actuated Rack and Pinion Slide Gate
Electrically Actuated Full Flow Pan Style Valves:

Electrically actuated valves are typically utilized in commercial operations where cable controls would be difficult to install, or where a PLC is controlling the operation of the valve. The standard electric option includes (1) Duff Norton Actuator, (1) motor and (2) limit switches. Explosion proof motors and switches are available upon request as options for motor voltages.

Pneumatic Operation Full Flow Pan Style Valves:

Pneumatically operated valves are most utilized in commercial and feed mill operations. The specific operation of the valve will determine the pneumatic option needs. All pneumatic options include an air cylinder with add on options of solenoids and limit switches. Explosion proof solenoids and limit switches are available.

Hopper Slide Gate Bottom Adapter
Other configurations include:

  • K-Valves
  • Y-Valves
  • Three-way valves
  • Diverter style valves
  • Valves with inspection ports

We offer painted and galvanized finishes for your valves, liner options that include AR400 steel, urethane and ceramic tile and brush seal kits.

Contact us to discuss your custom full flow valve design options with LCDM.


Why Do LCDM Valves Beat the Competition?

LCDM valves are flexible enough to perform in a range of applications for your material handling business. The main problem you may experience with other grain flow valves is leakage. Valves that restrict the flow of grain from the spout or that do not form a tight seal when closed allow grain to leak from openings in the valve. This can result in lost product or contamination, consequences which can be extremely harmful to your bottom line.

Custom grain-handling
Products at lcdm

We are well-known for our commitment to designing and engineering better grain flow products that are more efficient and easier to use. Our full flow grain valves are the perfect example of this. We made sure to design these valves with the needs and goals of grain distribution and material handling companies in mind.

We expect that you will find our full flow grain valves help you dramatically streamline your workflow and save on lost grain costs. Our customization options mean you’ll get exactly the products you need for your specific operation. To learn where to buy our full flow grain valves near you or to learn more about our products, contact us online or call us at 888-963-9145 today.

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