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Category: Grain Flow 101

Whether you’re growing and harvesting your own crops or buying them in bulk, it’s disappointing to discover that your grains have spoiled. While many grains and flours have long shelf lives, they can quickly deteriorate if stored improperly. You may even notice visible discoloration, mold or stale grains.  Like with refrigerated foods and perishables, knowing…

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Slide gates are essential for managing dry bulk materials in industries such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. The appropriate slide gates can significantly enhance your operational processes and efficiency. With rapid reaction times, excellent force and smooth operation, a slide gate can help your heavy machinery or agricultural applications easily handle dry bulk materials….

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Food production companies all over the world are faced with strict standards. International regulations and compliance criteria are getting stricter to ensure food is made, shipped and stored safely. More machinery is required as the process becomes more automated for faster production. This machinery must be constructed with food safety and health regulations in mind….

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Corn might be one of the most versatile commodities in existence. It’s the primary feed grain in the United States, making up more than 95% of production and use. More than 90 million acres of U.S. land are dedicated to corn, with much of that land situated in the central part of the country. Although many…


Nowadays, a grain bin is used for more than just storage. A grain bin has to be an effective grain handling system, which means the bin must also be able to dry and condition grain regularly. To keep up in the industry these days, grain storage facilities need to be adequately equipped to fill these…

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In the grain industries, it’s essential to maintain efficiency so your product output meets demand. However, you must maximize your output without decreasing your stock’s quality. You can do this by incorporating the proper equipment into every step of your grain-handling process. LCDM has the exceptional and reliable equipment you need to improve your product’s…

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